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Waste Collectors

Waste collectors for protein skimmers are a commonly underthought piece of equipment. Aquarists often use household products or even refuse pieces to accomplish this task. However, MRC believes that top quality system deserve top quality pieces, for both beauty and function. MRC Waste collectors fit that bill precisely. Using an overflow prevention system, if the waste collector becomes full, it will not accept more waste, thus preventing flooding of skimmate. Also, if used with our beckett driven skimmers, the mechanism will actually cause the skimmer to cease skimming function until the waste collector is emptied.

If your tank is a beautiful work of art and has the top of the line equipment and finish, complete your setup with an MRC wast collecter. No more milk jugs, 5 gallon buckets or overflowing skimmer collection cups. MRC waste collectors resolve all these concerns with style and function.

Contact us for custom-sized units.


Waste Containers

WC-2 Waste Container


WC-4 X-Large Waste Container


WC-5 XX-Large Waste Container



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