48" Hi Flow / Reef Sump

This specialty sump, available only in the 48” length or larger (by special order), capitalizes on many of the aspects of large system sumps. The refugium section, designed as in our Reef Sumps, is plumbed to have slower flow capabilities, and is plumbed with an included spray bar to feed the refugium from the main sump volume (via pump or gravity). So that the sump can still have high flow capabilities, 8 baffles are placed before the return section to ensure microbubbles are kept from the display. The standard MRC quality and materials applies, using 3/8” cast acrylic and our typical attention to quality and detail. Also included is a 3 probe holder and bulkheads for drain lines. This is a serious sump for the serious system and aquarist!

Dimensions: 48″ × 24″ × 20″


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