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Protein Skimmers

How does a protein skimmer work?
Marine water has very specific biochemical properties which our filtration equipment can utilize. Protein Skimmers actually use a process called “foam fractionation” to strip the water of organic molecules, as well as other elements. Organics have a very specific structure which makes it very polar (meaning one end is very different from the other). As it turns out, one end is also very “hydrophobic”, meaning it is repeled by water, and attracted to air. This is why you’ll often see the “rainbow oil slicks” on puddles of organic laden water. the organics are drawn to the air interface on the waters surface. Using this biochemical feature, we can apply air to the water to attract these objects. Using the same principle as lathery soap, the bubbles will attract, strip the organics, and remove them. In Protein skimmers, air is mixed with the water, and the organics attract to the bubbles which then rise to the collection cup for removal. The water will continue to pass through, with the bubbales and air (and attracted organics) being lifted and stripped from the water. The main theory behind creating a successful protein skimmer is to maximize the exposure of air to water. the most effective way to do this is to have as many bubbles, as small as can be produced, in exposure to as much water as feasible.

Why do you need a protein skimmer?
Our aquariums are considered closed systems. There is no “new”, clean water entering the system, except when we purposefully add it. And our aquarium inhabitants can not ever leave the water. It is their medium in which they live. Like ALL living organisms, aquarium inhabitants give off waste, and this waste becomes toxic at accumulated levels. In order to be successful aquarists, we need to remove these organic wastes as quickly and effeciently as we can. While other undesireable organisms may also utilize these wastes, the overall best way to deal with them, is to remove them as soon as they appear. Protein Skimmers accomplish this exact task. We all want our aquariums to be filled with clear water, healthy livestock, and little or no undesireable pests. The protein skimmer is the biggest and most efficient weapon against that.

What makes MRC skimmers better than other brands?
All skimmers operate off the same basic principle and theory. Mixing water with air. The differentiation occurs when evaluating who can do this “best”. That is where MRC comes out ahead. We have several different skimmer designs, using different technologies for different setups and different pricepoints. From our classic MR series, featuring the powerful and efficient Beckett foam head, to the Reeflo Orca Pro series, using efficient Reeflo pumps, our amazing needlewheel design, and our ingenious MRC-Venturi air aspirator- these filters have been tried, tested, evaluated, and honed to perfectly and ideally create an interface of bubbles and water, by maximizing bubble surface area, dwell time, and therefore, maximizing skimming ability. It simply cannot get any better.

Here are the different kinds of protein skimmers we offer:
Standard Skimmers
MRC Orca Pro Series
Recirculating Skimmers


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