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MRC Industrial Series

MRC Industrial products are designed and manufactured for the rigors of industrial use, while still preserving the quality, aesthetics, and function of our smaller designs. Ideal for aquaculture facilities, zoos and aquariums, fish breeding operations, fish and coral holding facilities, pet stores, or other large scale and volume systems. The MRC Industrial Series is fabricated using several different materials including Cast Acrylic, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Polypropylene, Acetal and Polycarbonate. This allows us to maximize strength, value, and function. All seams are bonded and welded for maximum strength and hold, and all designs are engineered for ideal function and useability.

MRC Industrial Foam Fractionators are a result of MRC’s latest research and development. We employ our latest technology to provide the most efficient and powerful fractionaters on the market.

Contact an MRC Industrial specialist for references, pricing and purchasing.


Industrial Filtration Sumps













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