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Standard Reactors

Calcium Reactors have become a standard piece of equipment for nearly all serious coral keepers. The ability to supply calcium and alkalinity with no significant effort or concern from the aquarist and requiring very little operating cost once set up is something that simply can’t be beat. MRC calcium reactors offer a step up with the MRC spray bar technology to maximize performance and efficiency of your reactor to unsurpassed levels.

We offer two “stages” of reactor: our single chambered CR-1 and our dual chambered CR-2 to CR-6. However, with any Calcium reactor, should an additional chamber be needed, they are available to increase the effluent buffering capacity and dissolution in any of our reactors or for any brand reactor for that matter.

All Calcium reactors include the MRC spray bar system, ph probe holder and hose feed line.

MRC Standard Reactors Reactor Instructions

Calcium Reactor Instructions - Single
Calcium Reactor Instructions - Dual

CR-1 Single


CR-2 Dual



CR-4 Dual



CR-6 Dual



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