CR-4 Dual

Up to 575 Gallons 

The most efficient and advanced Calcium Reactor on the market. Easy to operate for optimal results.

Now comes with the MRC Spray Bar as a standard option!

MRC Spray Bar Upgrade. Revolutionary spray bar design that mixes the CO2 with the media in a more uniform pattern.  The spray bar allows a full concentration of CO2 to penetrate the entire chamber of media allowing for low CO2 consumption and maximum output.  Requires Blue Line 20 HD.

Height of reactor


Reactor Chamber Diameter OD

6" & 4 1/2"

Reactor Chamber Thickness


Foot Print

14" x 14"

Water inlet size

1/2" Nylon Barb

Water Outlet size

1/4" John Guest Speedfit

Method of feeding


System capabilities

575 gallons

Needle Valve for effluent control


Water Pump

Not Inluded -BL-20 HD

Chamber Capacity

12 pounds

Other Necessary parts

CO2 regulator, CO2 Tank, Feed pump, BL-20 HD, Media


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