Calcium Reactors

How does a Calcium Reactor work?
All hard corals and clams requires calcium and alkalinity in order to grow and be healthy. Calcium Reactors add Calcium and Alkalinity reliably and consistantly, with little to no work needed by the aquarists. These systems are a mainstay of serious coral keepers. A calcium reactor consists of a media chamber, with specilized fittings, allowing the water to be recirculated within the reactor, while adding a small, meausred amount of tank water into the reactor, and then out of the reactor. Carbon Dioxide is added to the reactor (also through a specialized fitting and setup) to dissolve the calcium based media, and allow the return water to be rich in calcium and alkalinity, for you aquarium inhabitants. Once etsablished and properly set up, this system will suitably, efficiently, and reliably add calcium and alkalinity to the tank, enabling the tanks inhabitants to flourish.

Why should you buy a MRC calcium reactor?
What seems like a large intial expense, is ultimately a money saver. Other methods of clacium and alkalinity replenishment require constant aquarist labor, and constant renewal of supplies, all at a substantial ongoing cost. Whereas, with MRC calcium reactors, you will only need to replace the reactor media as needed (approximately every 6 months to one year) at a minimal cost, as well as replacing the carbon dioxide bottle as needed (also approximately every 6 months to one year, depending on setup). MRC calcium reactors use a very specialized and magnificent feature: the MRC “Spray Bar” technology to most efficiently and properly use the media in the reactor. The MRC Spray Bar Technology ensures an even dissolution of media throughout the entire media chamber. It also allows you to use the best fine media giving youmore surface area to work with; coarse media supplies only a fraction of the surface area as the fine, essentially making your reactor a fraction of the size. The MRC Spray Bar Technology combined with MRC rock-solid craftsmanship, materials, and support, makes the MRC calcium Reactor stand out well above the competition.

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