Steinhart Aquariums’s Industrial Media Reactors

Steinhart GFO

From the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences:

“For the aquarium gear heads: our new reactors for the Philippine Coral Reef exhibit. From left to right, 2 calcium reactors, 2 giant My Reef Creations GFO reactors, and 2 auxiliary reactors currently running metal adsorbing resin. And all of this is located one floor below the surface of the exhibit. All of this was recently plumbed and installed by Tenji, Inc.”

Photo by Rich Ross

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MRC’s all-in-one QT system

We showed one of our smaller all-in-one fish quarantine systems at MACNA 2013 in Hollywood Beach, Florida. As expected, it garnered a ton of attention and allowed us to show off a little of our ingenuity and plumbing skills. All components are fully plumbed; just add water and plug it in and you’re good to go! For more info & photos, check out the article linked below on Reefbuilders.

MRC Quarantine System 1

My Reef Creations showed off a really sweet pre-configured quarantine system. The MRC quarantine setup is designed for stores, public institutions, and the hobbyist who wants top of the line everything. The unit comes already plumbed, including a skimmer, chiller, UV sterilizer, media reactor, and sump. All you need to do is plug it in and add water. The top tank has removable dividers to customize the segregation of fish. The whole unit is designed to be easy to install or even move to different locations. The craftsman ship shows in all the details. Every hobbyist worth their weight has a quarantine system. A set up like this would sure as heck blow most average q-tanks out of the water!

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Mitch Carl talks about SECORE

MRC is proud to be a supporter of the SECORE project. Recently, Omaha Zoo’s aquatics curator had a chance to discuss the project with the press:

Mitch Carl may live in landlocked Omaha, but he’s committed to saving creatures that live in seas and oceans.

“Coral’s kind of my thing,” said Carl, curator of aquatics at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium and a member of the zoo and aquarium advisory board of SECORE, an organization dedicated to saving coral around the world.

Many people don’t realize that coral is a living organism, so part of Carl’s job in Omaha is educating visitors to the Scott Aquarium at the zoo about this interesting creature and its many species.

Outside of the zoo, the 40-year-old aquarist travels the world to study corals and to work on projects designed to save them.

Corals are dying out at an alarming rate for both man-made reasons – over-fishing, overzealous harvesting, sea pollution, deforestation and development runoff, sedimentation – and natural causes such as hurricanes.

For Carl, it started as a hobby – collecting freshwater fish at 12 or 13 led to a job in a pet store. While working at Animal Talk Pet Center during college he developed a liking for saltwater fish and corals. He set up his first coral tank at home about this time.

He took a scuba diving class during his first semester at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he studied biology, graduating in 1996. He became a volunteer scuba diver at the zoo in 1997 and a few months later was hired as an aquarist there.

At the time he was hired, coral-saving was in its infancy, Carl said .

Kathy Vires, his supervisor at the time, let him run with his ideas on working with corals. He built tanks at the zoo and began raising corals. Carl became aquarist supervisor at the zoo in 2008 and aquatics curator in 2009.

About a decade ago, he heard about SECORE (Sexual Coral Reproduction) and the work of Dirk Peterson of the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands. Carl joined SECORE in 2005 to work with Peterson, who now is president of SECORE’s board of directors.

In 2006, Carl went to Puerto Rico, where about 98 percent of the coral had died out. One reason is stress-induced disease. Another is the fact that the coral spawns (releases eggs and sperm) in a small space of time, usually only a couple of hours on one specific day.

Cultivating coral has called for persistence and ingenuity, Carl said, adding that the SECORE teams have used everything from ladies’ slips to salad bowls as scientific instruments.
“The first year, we didn’t know what we were doing,” Carl said. “It was trial and error.”

Carl and others brought coral eggs and sperm back to their respective institutions to see if they could sexually reproduce larvae. The Omaha zoo was the only success story in the first two years of the experiment, but the zoo has gone back mostly to asexual reproduction, Carl said.

So far SECORE members have reintroduced about 100 corals in the Caribbean, Carl said. “We are hoping to now ramp up the numbers with the techniques that we’ve come up with.”

Other countries have begun asking for the organization’s help. SECORE has expanded and, as a result, Carl has traveled extensively. His most recent trip took him to the coral spawning area of Guam, which started its Coral Reef Initiative in 2011.

Omaha’s zoo sponsored the SECORE workshop there in 2013 and will again this year and in 2015. Other workshops have been held in Mexico, the Philippines and Belize. SECORE, whose projects are funded by donations and grants, also has worked with the U.S. Navy in the Florida Keys.

Healthy coral reefs contribute to healthy marine ecosystems. Dying reefs seriously impact nature but also can have economic consequences, since many of the countries that have them depend on the reefs for people’s livelihoods in tourism or fishing.

In the countries where they hold workshops, Carl said, SECORE welcomes residents of the local communities to visit the work sites. “A vast majority are very receptive and cooperative. They just don’t have a good understanding of what the threats are to the reef and why it’s important to have them around,” he said.

This summer, he will work in Guam again, with a possible side trip to the Philippines.

Is there danger from sharks in his work? “Unfortunately, sharks have been so over-fished that we have never encountered one during any of our dives,” he said.

“Would be cool to see one though!”

Article by Carol Bicak / World-Herald staff writer

Original article can be found here.

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Tenji’s new office aquarium

When industry giant, Tenji, Inc (, decided they were going to build a new office aquarium, they wanted a big wow factor for the small space they have to work with. MRC’s iSump was the perfect solution.

Their 54x30x20″ rimless starphire aquarium & 48x24x10″ frag tank are both plumbed into the system. Here are some photos of the progress so far:

Tenji MRC iSump 1

Tenji MRC iSump 2

Tenji MRC iSump 3

For more details, check out their build thread at the Zeovit forums.

As always, project updates can also be found on the MRC Facebook page.

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The MRC iSump: beautiful industrial build & design

My Reef Creations is the leader in the design and fabrication of commercial aquarium equipment, and the new I-series sump with ATO/Dosing box is just the latest feather in their cap. Like the previously covered commercial skimmers and pimp quarantine systems, the Industrial sump brings a new level of craftsmanship to this oft-overlooked aquarium device.

MRC iSump

Built from high quality white PVC, the I-series sump has acrylic windows the likes of which are becoming popular among Royal Exclusiv Dreamboxes and Vertex “Red & White” sumps. In all reality, the I-Series industrial sumps also includes the battle-ready polypropylene sumps from MRC that we’ve shared in the past.
The I-Series sumps are not really designed or intended for the general consumer market, as their bill of materials and the amount of labor involved is quite intensive. The resulting finished product is a top notch sump though, with every bell and whistle you can imagine, and it better be since base models starts at $999, without the ATO + dosing box you see to the side of the sump.
If you want an exceptional sump which could last you through two decades of reefing or more, be prepared to throw down some serious coin and to wait a while. All the MRC I-Series sumps are custom made and built to order with a 6-8 week lead time.

Read more & see more photos:

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MRC Hybrid Aquariums

Do you like the ease of drilling an acrylic tank for closed loops? Love the beauty of a fully CNC’d acrylic eurobrace? BUT, would much rather have a glass tank? Well, all is not lost now with the MRC Hybrid Aquarium!
MRC Hybrid Aquarium
With some of the best crafted acrylic products in the aquarium world, hybrid aquariums are exactly where we’d like for My Reef Creations to apply their talents. MRC’s been making calcium reactors, small protein skimmers, large protein skimmers and professional sumps for over a decade, and let’s not forget their skunkworks like theMATSA and Kreisel. Therefore it is with great delight that we learned MRC had finished building a pair of hybrid aquariums.

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Big Filtration, Small Space

MR-2 & MR-2R

Don’t think you’re stuck using inferior filtration, just because you have a tight space or in-sump application. We can get creative with stands & pump configurations.

The My Reef Creations MR2R is a brand new protein skimmer from the American heavy-duty acrylic-smithing specialists. The recirculating design of the MR2R uses a medium sized Reeflo Blowhole water pump to drive two Beckett injectors into a tight footprint. MRC developed the MR2R at the request of high end aquarium installers who were having to increasingly fit more of the large aquarium equipment under the stand, in some cases with only 36 inches of height of clearance…
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We’ve seen more than our fair share of ghetto-fabulous and not-so-great display aquariums at marine aquarium trade shows but the Mother of all Trade Show Aquariums [MATSA] is not one of them. Built with a vision by Aquarium Specialty and the the know-how of My Reef Creation, the MATSA is packing more bells and whistles than a gypsy circus car…

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MRC Mini Kreisels

MRC Mini Kreisel

They’re what every marine breeder really wanted, but didn’t get, for the holidays.  My Reef Creations’ made-to-order mini kreisels feature all the sex appeal of [insert name of your favorite exotic sports car here].  This is not, we repeat, is not your DIY fishbowl kreisel.

Jeremy Maneyapanda of SEA Atlanta tells us “I have bred fish and used bowl, tubs, and similar.  And they just aren’t as functional or productive as these [kreisels] in my experience.  But that’s just my experience.  Bear in mind, these have a very universal application to them too.  Not just for grow out of teleosts, but also jellies and seahorses “.

The version of the MRC Mini Kreisel shown here does not yet have a drain hole placed – MRC wanted to show off this example at its sexiest (before the hole, bulkhead, and tubing clutter the photo).  This kreisel design offers no deadspots, no “foot” like a fishbowl that creates eddies and collects detritus.  It’s also designed in a manner that it can be run as a freestanding unit connected to a sump, or it can be used (as is done at SEA Atlanta) in a water bath / basin, with multiple kriesels sharing a common pool of water.  Water flow is easily controlled with an inline valve before the spraybar – the inflow of water keeps the outflow screen free of debris and delicate critters.

The reality is that not everyone wants a gritty, dirty, ramshackle breeding basement, and as Maneyapanda was quick to say, “Ferrari doesn’t make a budget vehicle.” We’re sure that anyone familiar with the MRC brand already knew that  if My Reef Creations was going to make a breeding product, it was going to feature high-end design and professional finish. When the decision between breeding marine fish or not hinges on the spousal approval factor, you better believe that this is the type of equipment that elevates breeding to a beautiful, eye-catching experience all its own.

Or maybe you’re one of those hobbyists who simply relishes a fishroom that looks like a lab.  Either way, this ain’t your cheap plastic fishbowl hanging in your display tank with a plastic clamp from a home improvement store – it’s breeding equipment at a whole new level.

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MRC equips local fish store Life Support Room


SEA Atlanta gets equipped with the best filtration setup in the world: a fully decked out MRC Industrial Life Support System. Jake Adams from Reefbuilders does a walk through:

MRC Commercial life support demonstration room from Reef Builders on Vimeo.

Read the article here:

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