MRC’s all-in-one QT system

We showed one of our smaller all-in-one fish quarantine systems at MACNA 2013 in Hollywood Beach, Florida. As expected, it garnered a ton of attention and allowed us to show off a little of our ingenuity and plumbing skills. All components are fully plumbed; just add water and plug it in and you’re good to go! For more info & photos, check out the article linked below on Reefbuilders.

MRC Quarantine System 1

My Reef Creations showed off a really sweet pre-configured quarantine system. The MRC quarantine setup is designed for stores, public institutions, and the hobbyist who wants top of the line everything. The unit comes already plumbed, including a skimmer, chiller, UV sterilizer, media reactor, and sump. All you need to do is plug it in and add water. The top tank has removable dividers to customize the segregation of fish. The whole unit is designed to be easy to install or even move to different locations. The craftsman ship shows in all the details. Every hobbyist worth their weight has a quarantine system. A set up like this would sure as heck blow most average q-tanks out of the water!

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