The MRC iSump: beautiful industrial build & design

My Reef Creations is the leader in the design and fabrication of commercial aquarium equipment, and the new I-series sump with ATO/Dosing box is just the latest feather in their cap. Like the previously covered commercial skimmers and pimp quarantine systems, the Industrial sump brings a new level of craftsmanship to this oft-overlooked aquarium device.

MRC iSump

Built from high quality white PVC, the I-series sump has acrylic windows the likes of which are becoming popular among Royal Exclusiv Dreamboxes and Vertex “Red & White” sumps. In all reality, the I-Series industrial sumps also includes the battle-ready polypropylene sumps from MRC that we’ve shared in the past.
The I-Series sumps are not really designed or intended for the general consumer market, as their bill of materials and the amount of labor involved is quite intensive. The resulting finished product is a top notch sump though, with every bell and whistle you can imagine, and it better be since base models starts at $999, without the ATO + dosing box you see to the side of the sump.
If you want an exceptional sump which could last you through two decades of reefing or more, be prepared to throw down some serious coin and to wait a while. All the MRC I-Series sumps are custom made and built to order with a 6-8 week lead time.

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