MRC launches the xSump: the newest edition to the xSeries

MRC xSeries group

June 28 2016, Jake Adams –
The xSump is a new line of central filtration devices from MRC. MRC’s new xSumps are riding a the wave of a new generation of sumps from a variety of different manufacturers, and it embodies the simplicity, features and craftsmanship that MRC is known for.

MRC’s xSumps look simple enough, but the streamlined craftsmanship belies a slew of very useful features. The dual drains from your marine or reef aquarium is directed into individual four inch filter socks, and into a protein skimmer chamber with an adjustable water height.

MRC xSump adjustable baffle

Of course, as with all MRC products the xSumps are made in the USA, with 1/4? cast acrylic which is strong enough to keep these sumps rocking for years to come, without breaking the bank. Other useful features of the MRC xSump include built in dosing lines, easy-fit filter sock holders, and high water flow capacity.

Best of all, the MRC xSumps have tons of room for building the filtration center of your dreams. The four models of the xSump range from 12 gallons to 32 gallons to match up to a variety of aquarium sizes, from 20 inches long, to 36 inches long, so there’s plenty of space for adding media reactors, protein skimmers, drop in refugiums, etc.

MRC xSump dosing line holder

Earlier this year MRC introduced the xSeries media reactors, signaling a return to the company’s roots in the aquarium hobby. After a protracted engagement with the more commercial side of aquatic life support systems for major installations, with the new xSeries sumps and reactors it looks like we might be treated to more of MRC’s design and engineering in the near future.

MRC xSeries group

MRC xSump filter sock

MRC xSump

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