Tenji completes MRC powered installation at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ARCC facility

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ARCC (Animal Research and Care Center) houses some of the amazing animals that you’ll see in the aquarium. The ARCC houses mola molas, pelagic rays, Hammerhead sharks, bluefin tuna, green sea turtles, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, bonito, a sandbar shark, as well as countless other fish.


Tenji Aquarium Design + Build just recently completed an installation that includes 10 independent quarantine systems with 44 tanks designed to hold either tropical or temperate (cold water) animals. MRC protein skimmers will handle all of the heavy duty skimming this facility will need.


For more photos, check out the Reefbuilders.com article.

For more information regarding their work, Tenji can be contacted directly via their website: www.tenji.com

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