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MRC Hybrid Aquariums

Do you like the ease of drilling an acrylic tank for closed loops? Love the beauty of a fully CNC’d acrylic eurobrace? BUT, would much rather have a glass tank? Well, all is not lost now with the MRC Hybrid … Continue reading

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Big Filtration, Small Space

Don’t think you’re stuck using inferior filtration, just because you have a tight space or in-sump application. We can get creative with stands & pump configurations. The My Reef Creations MR2R is a brand new protein skimmer from the American … Continue reading

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We’ve seen more than our fair share of ghetto-fabulous and not-so-great display aquariums at marine aquarium trade shows but the Mother of all Trade Show Aquariums [MATSA] is not one of them. Built with a vision by Aquarium Specialty and the the … Continue reading

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MRC Mini Kreisels

They’re what every marine breeder really wanted, but didn’t get, for the holidays.  My Reef Creations’ made-to-order mini kreisels feature all the sex appeal of [insert name of your favorite exotic sports car here].  This is not, we repeat, is … Continue reading

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MRC equips local fish store Life Support Room

  SEA Atlanta gets equipped with the best filtration setup in the world: a fully decked out MRC Industrial Life Support System. Jake Adams from Reefbuilders does a walk through: MRC Commercial life support demonstration room from Reef Builders on … Continue reading

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