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Precision Fabrication

What seperates MRC equipment from every other brand of equipment out there? The answer is very simple and straightforward and is obviously apparent as soon as our equipment is seen and touched. Quality, design, beauty, durability. In a simple term: precision fabrication. MRC equipment is engineered, tested, evaluated and perfected. It is a professional endeavour from start to finish. Every cut, seam, union and feature is a top priority. We want all of our customers to be as proud of their equipment as we are.

Using only the best quality materials, we aim for MRC equipment to be more than just “functional”. We aim for it to be perfect, in every sense. We use such superior materials as American cast acrylic sheets, American cast acrylic tubing cast specifically for MRC per MRC specifications, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Polypropylene, Acetal, Polycarbonate, FRP (fiber reinforced polymer), glass and hybrid engineered materials. Technicalities aside, how does this translate to the customer? In the products we can offer. We have designed and created some of the most amazing and beautiful aquariums and systems, ranging from small, se;f contained nano systems, to hybrid aquariums, to cylinder tanks, to large public displays. The current states of technology and development for aquarium and system design is at our disposal, which means it’s also at your disposal.

MRC also has the ability to engineer, fabricate and install complete systems. The customer benefits enormously from this type of system as it takes ALL of the extraneous concerns and issues involved in creating an aquarium system out of the equation. MRC creates every piece of equipment and supplies all the incidentals, from tank, stand, and sump, to filters, pumps, lighting, glues, fittings, and other materials. And after MRC designs and creates this equipment, we can also install it in the desired location. Essentially, the customer would simply need to add water and livestock.

An enormous advantage in selecting MRC is the ability and experience to custom fabricate equipment. With MRC precision fabrication, an entire chapter of common equipment shortcomings is avoided. No longer will any aquarist be limited or restricted to equipment based on pre-determined sizes, shapes, or designs. No longer will the aquarist be limited to the few sizes or items in a catalog. Alongside our MRC engineering and fabrication team, the catalog is now created and adapted for each and every customer based on their needs, their designs, their tanks and their livestock.

Using our state of the art, computer assisted CNC router, we make the enormous leap from the custom “DIY” realm, to professional, precision masterful equipment. Equipment can and will be produced to the EXACT specifications desired.

Precision fabrication. It is what leads to the common comment we get from customers: “This equipment is so beautiful, I don’t know whether to use it, or hang it on the wall”.

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