My Reef Creations custom built a couple of large units for me and they are the best reactors I have ever had. I have 5 other brands of reactors and never really liked any of them until a customer of mine insisted I contact MRC. This customer has a high end Acro system and I trusted his opinion and he was correct, no comparison in my experience, My Reef Creations are the best reactors.

Dr Mac

The skimmer [Orca Pro III] is a beast.  Looks and runs great. I'll need an additional 3 or 4 of them in a few months on top of this too.. In total, I will have 7 or 8 of these models running by summer time. Thanks.

Warm regards,

Joseph Caparatta

Manhattan Aquariums www.manhattanaquariums.com
Ny Aquarium Service
Unique Corals uniquecorals.com

I've got your sump in and WOW.  I love this thing.  100% quiet and it looks great.  I can't say enough good things about it.

Mark Callahan
Mr. Saltwater Tank www.mrsaltwatertank.com

Just wanted to let you know how things were progressing on the MR-3. The unit looks fantastic, and is producing a MASSIVE amount of bubbles and foam with both injectors running. I cannot believe what a difference a second injector makes. I love the clear flanges, they allow me to visually inspect the O-rings and make seating the unit a snap after a quick cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, the unit is the easiest I have ever had to clean.. It separates in just the right place to allow access to the areas that get mucky, with most of it being cleanable by running water over it, no more "goo" on my hands!! Just wanted to say thanks for the incredible service, being so readily available for any questions I've had, and making and standing behind a great product.

Thanks again,
Paul Cook

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible skimmer. It has only been running 3 days but has already pulled out some serious gunk. I can not believe I waited so long to install such a great addition.

Thanks again

OMG, that thing [custom sump] is absolutely gorgeous..

The fit and finish on that thing is flawless. Love it!

Terence Fugazzi
Neptune Systems www.neptunesystems.com


Jeff's website is Jeff's Reef. Jeff is known on some of the bulletin boards by Personifer. Jeff sent me the following email shortly after setting up his reactor.

Everything is hooked up and running fine. I'm getting about 23 bubbles per minute and a 30 ml/min effluent drip. It was very easy to set up once I found the manifold. :~) As soon as I get everything set where I want it I'll put some pics on my website and a link to your page. Thanks for all your help and I'll gladly recommend your reactor to anyone. If someone wants a reference before they buy from you, just give them my e-mail address.



Stephen has liked his reactor so much he decided to buy a protein skimmer from me. Stephen received his skimmer and has said it is the best skimmer he has ever had.

Stephen sent us this email after he returned from vacation on 6/21/01.

I just got back from a weeks vacation. The skimmer has pulled out a lot of black nasty looking looking crap. This would be a months worth from my old skimmer.


Tom purchased a reactor several months ago. Then recently, he decided to try my small skimmer...this is what he had to say after the skimmer was up for 24 hours:

I have to say this is probably the best thing I've bought for my tank. I removed alot of caulerpa today and check out the skimmer pic. It looks like it's been in service a month. WOW. This is one heavy duty scum sucker!

The waste collector came today. Thanks a lot! Also, the skimmer is working great now. It's gotten to where the water level is down to 2", like you suggested to begin with, and it's constantly producing thick nasty gunk. I think maybe the tank was still breaking in when I was having trouble getting any foam. The sand and rock were well established from the previous tank, but the water was brand new in this new setup. It's sure working great now.

I couldn't be more pleased with your products and your customer service. If you ever want any more references, photos or testimonials please feel free include me.


"The team at My Reef Creations never fail to impress. No matter how complex the project, no matter how difficult the execution, they always produce beautifully, meticulously crafted system components for our projects and get them to the installation location on time every time, no matter how remote or distant. Our clientele demand absolutely the finest quality. MRC always delivers."

Wet Work LLC

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