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My Reef Creations operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. All of our filtration equipment is manufactured on site, using state of the art equipment, techniques, knowledge and experience. No factory line assembly. No cheap material. No “guessing”. Using a computer operated, numerically controlled 3 axis CNC router, each and every piece of acrylic is cut with exact precision and detail, then hand assembled by our experienced fabrication team. With heavy attention to detail, pieces are carefully bonded, tested, and inspected.

In the ever changing world of filtration, there is always new science, technology, and technique coming forth. Categorizing and sifting through the legitimate technology, as compared to the fleeting fads and questionable tactics, is critical for all buyers, considering the investment involved. We take that risk away. Constantly foraying in research and development of our existing products, as well as new products, we are always striving to create the most efficient, beneficial, and productive models for our customers. Being a global leader in filtration research and development, you can rest assured that MRC filtration equipment is the most advanced and tested equipment available.

All equipment is not equal. In EVERY aspect. Design, materials, construction, and “fit and finish”. We strive to be the best in every one of these categories. And this is something you do NOT have to take our word on. Ask around. Research. Look at our old and new products. Even better yet, see them in real life. Pick them up and inspect every seam, corner and component. You will most definitely agree, there is no better way to create these products. We have fabricated our products for performance, durability, reliability and dependability. And our customers always insist we have met these criterion.

In our experience, there is no need to ever settle for less when it comes to the essentials of livestock care. This absolutely includes filtration. As such, we do not ever limit our product lines to be only a few limited mass-produced items. We create for the situation. And for ANY customer. From nano systems to mega systems, all deserve the appropriate levels of filtration. In fact, all NEED a certain level of filtration, which we provide.

We strive to provide products and service at an affordable price, but a more important principle is to provide an affordable value. Quality and success do not always come cheap, but failure is NEVER cheap. We aim to provide an ideal setup for a system which will not need to be upgraded, modified or retrofitted to reach the level of suitability. We aim to provide the ultimate quality and value from the start.

Support is a factor that every customer must consider, whether it be a simple question about a product, a suggestion or a more significant problem. We are here to help. We design the products here in the USA, we build the products here in the USA, and we support them here from the USA. Regardless of where the products ship worldwide, our support of MRC equipment is always present and unsurpassed.

The most critical aspect for which EVERY aquarist strives for. Our equipment provides it. We don’t cut corners in design, materials, assembly or function. MRC simply makes the best equipment so you can achieve success.


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