Innovation. Quality. Success. Three very important attributes which come readily with My Reef Creations filtration equipment. Attributes considered, and backed up, with every MRC product.

My Reef Creations designs, manufactures, distributes, and supports professional grade filtration equipment for every skill level- from the budding hobbyist to the seasoned institution. Our equipment can be found in aquaculture facilities, zoos, public aquariums, advanced aquarists’ aquariums, entry level hobbyists’ aquariums, and all points in between. We provide Aquariums, Protein Skimmers, Filtration Sumps, Calcium Reactors, Media Reactors, Waste Collectors, and custom equipment at an affordable price, and most importantly, an affordable VALUE. All of our equipment is manufactured in house in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We employ a strict quality control on every product we create to ensure all of our product is properly fabricated, functioning, and meets our high standards before it ever reaches the customers’ hands. Furthermore, our support for the products is premier. Quality is something that should NEVER be shortcutted.

As a fabrication company, we also have the ability, knowledge, and experience to create custom designs of our equipment to fit the users’ demands. This means no more “settling” for a design based on limited space. No more suffering performance due to limited sizing. No more shopping the catalog. Together, we can now create the catalog.

Success. Never to be overlooked. MRC products work. They always have, and they always will. Having equipment that looks pretty, is the latest fad, but doesn’t work, is a flaw of the biggest caliber. However, having elite equipment, of workhorse quality and affordable pricing, while bringing success to your aquatic world, is the pinnacle of what we all want. And that is what MRC will provide to you.

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